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About Us

Romanticherie is a sartorial laboratory of luxury lingerie. Our garments are designed and created one by one , sewn by expert hands guided by passion and creativity , to create exclusive and precious clothes.

Our refined, high fashion collections are produced by the experience and wisdom of craftsmanship combined with elegance, innovation , fine fabrics and lace processed to give a perfect fit.

Romanticherie knows how to appreciate every woman , with garments tailored to make her feel unique and elegant .



Company Philosophy

Gilberta Zafarana has collected the knowledge of traditional tailoring passed down through her family for generations of women, to create a unique brand, Romanticherie.

Tradition and knowledge of tailoring , the quality of the raw materials and the refinement of details guide Romanticherie in each of its creations . Each garment has a specific cut and finishing touch, and the application of lace and embroidery are hand-sewn with care . Nothing is left to chance, time is devoted to making every garment a precious gift , that brings with it the wisdom of expert hands, that have brought to life a timeless elegance.

Our classic garment , one of the first creations, is now the symbol of our company .

It reminds us of both where we come from, and where we would like to go. It teaches us how each piece requires the upmost care and passion to become special , in order to make every woman feel unique . It is the treasure of Romanticherie, a unique and priceless garment,